Thursday, November 20, 2003


Only a quick post today. I took a sinus decongestant that my husband pushed on me, and I'm in la-la land.

How do you watch children when you're sick and drugged? Away from the prying eyes of Child Protective Services.

Yeah, they'll probably watch a lot of TV today, but still I won't be able to take care of myself like I need to. I really, really want to get into bed and read my New Yorker and sleep for 24 hours. I tried to do that this morning for about twenty minutes. I ignored the kids jumping around next to me on the bed, and closed my eyes. Of course, I ended up with a foot in my mouth.

There is no balancing the needs of parents and children. No compromise. No 50/50 balance. I can't put off feeding and diapering the kids, just because I feel like crap. Kids' needs win.

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