Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Reader Mail!!

Allison takes me to task for my ill treatment of old hubby (blog 11/7 and 11/10):

I know weekend = family time, togetherness, etc. -- but your husband is stating a need -- to relax some on the weekends -- and you should try to help him out. And it's so much better when you can relax WITH him and not totally resent it.

She suggests getting a regular sitter on the weekend. Or a sitter on Friday, so that I don't go into the weekend so whooped.

I know, I know, all this stuff costs money. But I always say -- in regard to this, and in regard to getting someone in to clean the place so you don't fight over chores -- divorce is a hell of a lot more expensive. You need to invest a bit of money to stay married and stay sane during the baby and toddler years -- things will get easier as they get older.

Yes, you're right. Hubby needs down time. We both do. But when? How? We're barely managing work and kids. Leisure time might just kill us. I guess we could throw money at the problem and give Angela, our child-bride babysitter, a few more hours. A babysitter: $10 an hour. Dinner for two: $50. Subway: $8. Keeping one's marbles: priceless.

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