Sunday, November 23, 2003

Midtown Meanderings

It has been freakishly warm in the city for the past few days. I mean its November, right? We're supposed to be waist deep in brown slush and confined to trading playdates in little apartments. Instead, we've been frolicking in the sun at the playground.

On Sunday, we took the kids to Midtown. The D train left us off at Rockerfeller Center. The lobby has amazing murals from the 30s and is a Deco classic. We couldn't gaze for too long, because Jonah spotted the skaters, who required attention.

The tree is up, but is covered with scaffolding. Even though, I've lived in the city for 15 years, I never bothered watching the lights being turned on. Not my bag. I might have to take the kids this year, because corny stuff becomes amazing when you watch your kid's eyes light up.

Then we went to St. Patrick's for mass. Our patented method for keeping two boys in the pew - show up late and with a bucket of snacks.

You would never know that the Church has had a tough few years. It was standing room only. Lots of Irish and Italians from the outer boroughs who came in to hear angels sing, instead of the fat lady warbling Gift of Finest Wheat.

St. Patrick's holds a special place in the hearts of working class Catholics. The wealthy go to Jacky O's old church on Park Avenue, but the commoners go here. My Italian relatives from the Bronx call it endearingly, St. Pat's, like an old drinking buddy.

After mass, we walked up Fifth Avenue to the Central Park zoo, which is just perfect for little kids. Just the show-offy animals like the seals and monkeys. No sleepers or hiders. No two-toed sloths. And it's small enough for little legs to go about on their own steam. I love it because it's beautifully designed and landscaped.

Later, we climbed huge granite rocks in Central Park and checked out the new Time Warner building in Columbus Circle.

Sunday recharged my batteries. I saw some new things, saw some old things through new eyes, and had a good walk about. Just what the doctor ordered.

(sorry if there are major typos or this post is too long and boring. Blame it on mucho seriouso computer problems, and no time to edit.)

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