Monday, November 24, 2003

I'm a Loser, Baby

On Sunday night, Steve's crappy Compaq bit the dust. Windows wouldn't load, and after several attempts to find a backdoor in, it became clear that the whole thing had to be reformatted.

We should have backed things up ages ago. I mean it was probably a bad sign when the computer kept crashing. Perhaps a virus, guys?

Should have been a red flag when the computer would very softly and very quickly would say "loser" from time to time. Yeah, the computer called us "loser", and we just kept doing what we were doing without really stopping to think that such an event was unusual or even insulting. I just kept on blogging, and Steve kept on playing his silly war simulation games, until the virus destroyed years worth of Quicken data, e-mail addresses, and all sorts of notes and pictures.

Got to wonder what all those years of graduate school did to our self esteem.

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