Friday, November 21, 2003

Head Hunters

I feel better today. I'm still clogged, but at least I can operate heavy machinery.

I spent some time surfing the economic blogs yesterday. I'm very curious how the new jump in numbers are going to translate into real life.

My friends who are unemployed are still unemployed. And another parent from my kid's preschool lost his job last week. But on the up side, my husband has been getting a lot of calls form head hunters.

Head hunters are facinating. They somehow have located my husband and call him up with job opportunities from other firms. He finds out what other firms would pay him, and then he lets his boss know about it. His boss then uses those numbers as leverage with his superiors to bargain for more compensation for Steve and the others.

Head hunters insure that salaries stay about the same across the different firms. They provide gossip about the conditions at other firms. They come to the employee and entice him away with offers a better deal. They're little parasites on the system, which makes it move more efficiently.

Head hunters are also like the first birds of spring, promising better weather ahead. [mixed metaphor apology] If they are out and about, that must mean that jobs are coming.

This world is so foreign to Steve and myself who spent so many years in academia. You mean, you can bargain for your salary? There are other jobs to apply for? People come to you with job offers?

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