Friday, November 07, 2003

Disjointed Thoughts and Links

I made to Friday. It's been a looong week. 9 innings. I've let the last three guys walk. I need a relief pitcher. Steve will be home tomorrow and has promised to watch the kids all day, so I can get work done. I have a dozen half finished work projects that need some uninterrupted attention.

One great change from 50s is the role of the husband in the family. Betty talks about how the wife was so worried about losing her husband that she would get all dressed up when he came home and would defer to him for all decisions. (Yeah, I'm still reading the Feminine Mystique.) Now, when Steve comes home, he has to help put the kids to sleep, do the dishes, and a load of laundry. How did women survive in the past without a relief pitcher? Oh yeah, cocktails and tranquilizers.

The plan for the afternoon. After I pick up Jonah from pre-school, we'll drive to Target to buy cat food, diapers, and other supplies. Then we'll blow some time at Barnes and Noble. I'll flip through books, while they're occupied with the train set in the children's section. Tonight, Susan and Chris are coming by with beers for pizza and a movie, which is good because I need some adult interaction.

(Via Crooked Timber), take a poll of your favorite Jane Austen novel. I chose Pride and Prejudice because I had the hugest crush on Mr. Darcy in high school. Other crushes I've had on fictional characters: Gilbert from Anne of Green Gables, Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre, Peter Parker in Spiderman. E-mail me with your favorite fictional crushes.

Here's a quote for the weekend:
"There is no doubt that upper middle-class workign men and women benefit from hiring women to work as underpaid, exploited, domestic servants. As Audrey Macklin bluntly states, "The grim truth is that some women's access to the high-paying, high-status professions is being facilitated through the revival of semi-indentured servitude. Put another way, one woman is exercising class and citizenship privilege to buy her way out of sex oppression"." from Joan C. Tronto, The "Nanny" Question in Feminism, Hypatia, Spring 2002.

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