Monday, November 03, 2003

The Academic Life

I found a new blog, Rhubarb. The blogger wants more academics to write about their personal lives, and more women academics to talk about combining work with family.

What I have found ... is generally a profound silence about the pressures of motherhood, tenure, and academic success until I started reading some of the weblogs out there by mothers in and out of the academy... We need to read more stories about the lives of academics outside of university settings. So much of our personal lives are eclipsed by our academic identities that we sometimes don't even know how to just act like people around our colleagues.

I couldn't agree more.

Why don't more academic bloggers write about their girlfriends or weekend vacations or what they ate for dinner? I could really use a break from all Iraq all the time.

UPDATE: Household Opera agrees and vows to write more personal narratives.

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