Friday, October 24, 2003

Work/Home Space

One reason that I liked the Times article on Jamie Oliver was because it sounded like he had a good balance of family and work. His pub and office are right across the street from his home. So, he put his kids down for a nap and then runs to his kitchen in two minutes and get to work. Here's a quote:

He fed her shell-shaped pasta with tomato sauce and freshly torn basil while Daisy looked on, then suggested we cook at the pub that lies across the street from his home.

The pub has become a refuge for Mr. Oliver. He has taken to holding meetings and doing photo shoots there so that he can work close to home without actually working in his home.

I just love the sound of that. A place for home and a place for work, but all very close by. By the way, his daughters are named Poppy Honey and Daisy Boo.

Also, he works in a pub. Cool.

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