Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Tuesday's Reader Mail

From Allison with a blog,
Love the blog -- found via Invisible Adjunct. You sound like my kind of gal. I've also got two kids and half a job, only I'm a journalist, not an academe. And I live in Israel. I love Manhattan -- lived in NYC for two years and miss it every day.

She's got a good blog, guys. Check it out.

From a friend on the tenure track and one kid,

as i was swimming today, i was thinking of titles for your book... sort of what happens to the awesome group of women who try to have it all -- some are angst filled, the working sort are angst filled -- even if you are totally cool with leaving your babe -- as i am -- no regrets there -- good for both of us -- it's the off times that throw you. the i can't get tenure unless i'm working all of the minutes in the day -- 8:30 -5:00, pick up kid, dinner, give bath, get ready for bed, read, do worksheets, pay some attention to the child, then work for 2 hours -- by thursday this is a total whiny mess. -- friday-- don't even talk to me -- or look at my house. a giant elephant could have moved in on tuesday and i can guarantee you that i would not even notice until midday saturday,. at which point i'm equally angst filled because i should be prepping classes, finishing the overdue paper(s), commenting on student papers (i assigned all of this work because i'm nuts???), cleaning the house, cooking food, oh there is something outside my house? tending the garden which looks like something i once read about in a book, exercise -- i used to exercise religiously -- and there is the poor kid...

When is the Invisible Adjunct going to write about the conflict between the tenure clock and the biological clock?

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