Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Things to Read

In today's Times. The nation's public universities raised tuitions by 14 percent this year, the steepest increase in at least a quarter century....

Private universities raised tuitions by 6 percent, itself not an unusual increase in recent years. But after adjusting for inflation, 2003 was the third consecutive year that private universities raised tuitions by at least 5 percent, more than twice the rate of inflation.

The last time a series of comparable increases occurred was in the mid-1980's, when families were enjoying a much healthier economy than they are now.

As a result of the increases, tuitions reached an average of $19,710 at private colleges, $4,694 at public universities and $1,905 at community colleges, more than twice what these institutions cost 20 years ago, even after adjusting for inflation.

From the Invisible Adjunct and Michael Yglesias, there's this anti-Catholic article in Slate. Let's get Hitchens fired.

Also, an article on Jamie Oliver, the babe of the Food Network. He talks risotto and naps. I'm in love.

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