Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Things to Read

Here's another article about blogging. (Thanks, Toni.) This one focuses on the high abandonement rate of blogs. 66% (2.72 million) of blogs have not been updated in two months. "1.09 million blogs were one-day wonders, with no postings on subsequent days." Most people only maintain their blogs for four months. It was a good piece. Had some useful demographic info. And it makes me feel really virtuous.

As I get ready to unleash my son into NYC public schools, there's this horror story. John F. Kennedy High School, a sprawling eight-story building in the Bronx, has 4,590 students this year, 1,200 more than last. Lunch starts at 9:21 a.m., and all three of the cavernous cafeterias are packed until it ends more than five hours later.

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