Tuesday, October 21, 2003

School Notes

Speaking of student evaluations, I finally got mine from last semester. Student evaluations always serve to enlarge my head four or five times, because I score very well with the students. I put a lot of time into preparing interesting lectures with a spattering of pop references, and it's good that it is recognized. The faculty evaluator who sticks his head in for 20 minutes or so has no clue how much work I put into teaching. So I take the student evaluations very seriously.

I did very well this year. Of the sixteen who evaluated me, 15 gave me 1s or 2s (top marks), except for one who gave me 5s (worst mark) for every question. ex. I would recommend the instructor to other students. Ms. Stick-up-her-ass gave me a 5 or strongly disagree. On the comment section she drew a picture of a frowning face.

Every semester there's one problem student. Sometimes they have attitude like Ms. Stick-up-her-ass from last semester. Well, Ms. S. was exceptionally bad -- dumb and arrogant at the same time, a lethal combination. Sometimes they're insane. I had one who showed up to class only wearing a bra and frightened the other students. Sometimes they're conspiracy theorists who bombard me with their paranoid fantasies. ex. gov't is organizing drug trade, the gov't controlls the media, CIA and AIDs, CIA and JFK, etc...

I wish Ms. Stick-up-her-ass didn't get to me. Why do I remember the crazy, mean students rather than the good ones? Clearly this is a character flaw.

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