Wednesday, October 01, 2003

The Momosphere

One of the cool things about the blogosphere is that you can travel to different corners of the country and dip into different subcultures relatively easily. Though we all tend to regularly read like-minded bloggers (the academics read the academics, the journalists read the journalists), it's good to go exploring.

I am throwing around the idea around of writing a piece for a mainstream journal on the politics of motherhood. I haven't worked in this area before, not because of my politics or anything. I just never did. So I've been surfing around to get some ideas.

I'll share some of the places I visited:

this woman's work -- I stumbled across this blog a while ago. Dawn's not only a stay at home mother, but she's a home schooler. Reeeally interesting. Large numbers of people are doing it. Me? NO WAY. But it is still interesting. She has some good links to home school groups and LaLeche people. This might be one branch of the new feminists. The earthy backlash.

From this woman's work, I came across Mothers Ought to Have Equal Rights. It's a political interest group that represents the interests of family caregivers. Are mothers a gap in the NOW constituency?

Because I'm curious about stay-at-home dads, I checked out one last blog, Being Daddy: Like Being Mommy. Only Hairier. A dad dispenses parenting advice and relates personal experienes. No career angst. Do dads have more fun?

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