Monday, October 27, 2003

Flash the Twins?

Tyler Cowen of the Marginal Revolution thinks the future of the blogosphere is a million Instapundits. Blogs that link to this and that, but don't write anything original themselves.

I don't want to get all judgy. There's a place for the "portal blogs" for sure, but someone has to be writing stuff for the portals to point to. Personally, I like blogs that have a political perspective or moderate debate or have a sense of humor or are well written.

This whole discussion hangs on Cowen's definition of a successful blogger -- one with a large number of hits. Perspective please. Reality check. Who the hell cares? I bet if I put up a picture of my boobs, I would get a lot more hits. Maybe that's the future of blogging -- naked boobs.

No time to write more. It's Monday, my hell day. Instead I'll be a portal and tell you to go to Signifying Nothing and Dan Drezner for more.

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