Thursday, October 23, 2003

Brain Rot

All creativity for entertaining sick kids was used up by about 2:00 today. Playdough. Blocks. Books. I was losing my mind. So, I bundled up the two (yes, now there are two) sick kids for a walk about the neighborhood.

As the door swang shut behind us, I realized that I left the keys on the table. Doh! Prolonged sleep deprivation has destroyed my formerly fine mind. (Last lockout -- 8/20/03 check the blog).

I got the car and car keys from the garage, and hid out at my parents in NJ for a couple of hours.

We came back to the city at 5:30 for our doctor's appointment with Dr. Socratic Method.

OK, Madam, let us inspect your children. Do you see them playing in the waiting room? Would you say that since they are playing, they are very sick? Fine, now let's take the oldest in the waiting room. Can he take off his own clothes? Would you say that is good sign? Look at his chest? Does he look like he's in respiratory distress? Look at his throat. Would you say that his throat is pink or red? Did you hear him sniff before he coughed? What does that tell you? Does it tell you that he has post nasal drip? He has a cold. (Does it tell you that you are a hysterical mother who is wasting my time?)

Thanks, Doctor, but I could do without the commentary. Give me some cough medicine, and I'll leave with my tail between my legs.

Does extended time at home with kids kill brain cells? Has the daily grind of sleepless nights, repeated diaper changing, and forced confinement wiped out years of academic work? It's a concern.

The deadline for proposals for next year's APSA is Nov. 14th. I better get my ass in gear.

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