Monday, September 01, 2003

Your Daily Dose of Hate

The Times Magazine has a cover article on Sophia Coppola that is worth reading for your daily dosage of hate.

The author sucks up to New York's privileged, spoiled second generation. She touts Coppola as the new great creative director. As an example of her genius, the author writes about her great idea for a music video -- Kate Moss on a stripper pole. Oh my, that's never been done before. Also, Coppola says "action" very softly. Oh my, she's really innovative. And Coppola is so creative that she has a handbag line on the side. Yeah, every trust fund kid in New York has their own handbag line. Even Monica Lewinsky is sewing up satchels.

What I learned from the article ... A bucket load of cash is the fast road to becoming a media darling. More gagging.

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