Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Tuesday Is Reader Mail Day

Delphine from Paris writes:
I'm a French 36 years old woman and I use to read your blog since 3 months.
I like it very much because I like your writing, you can be so funny and ironic,
I like that and because you give me a lot of news concerning the way American
women of my age live now in USA. I can see we have the same problems and fears:
for example buying a house (a house !) or even a little flat is absolutely
impossible for us because of the prices and because we don't earn enough money
(we live in Paris !) and I also feel sometimes very sad for the future of my kid
Mathieu. We can't make any projects neither, finding a place to spend vacations
in summer is difficult too, everything is very expensive and families are
struggled. If you can't afford to live like your parents did, don't be sorry you
are not the only one !

Merci. Vous etes tres gentile.

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