Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Olives and Cheese

It's too beautiful to talk politics or complain about injustices and inequities. Just too beautiful.

Upper 60s. Bright blue sky. Sweater weather. And the air is so clear that you can almost see individual leaves on the trees across the river.

This morning, while waiting for Jonah's school bus, I got the kids to sing "Poor Judd Is Dead" from Oklahoma. In baritone. Then took Ian to the playground for swings and slides.

Angela came to help this afternoon. On Mondays, I need her so I can prepare for class. On Tuesdays, she comes so that I can catch up on chores. Today's main chore was to go back to the eye shop to pick up my contacts. I took Jonah along. He was very excited to have time with me alone. I was happy to not drag Ian and the stroller up the subway stairs.

Jonah sat patiently at the eye shop reading a Thomas the Tank Engine catalog, while I slipped in the new contacts. Sitting patiently is a milestone for my kid. I'm glad we made it to age four. The year before he would have been bouncing off the cases of glasses.

After the eye chore was finished, we wandered over to Barnes and Noble and read together on the carpet. It has a better selection of train books than the local library. After a half hour of reading free loading, Jonah proudly presented the checkout girl with one little book for himself and one for his brother.

The sidewalk was packed today. Everybody was out. Nannies with their charges. Carefully dishelved prep school brats. Retirees lining up for bagels at H & H.

We picked up extra creamy Brie and chibatta and green French olives at Zabar's as a treat. Zabar's is the uber-deli in New York. Hundred variety of cheeses. Homemade bread. And smoked salmon sliced just right.

On the way back, Jonah and I read the two new books on the subway. We got a rotisserie chicken and tomatoes to go along with the Zabar's goodies. That was dinner.

Lots going on this week. There is pressure to decide what to do for kindergarten next year. Paper topics to review. The kitchen is a disaster. But the olives and cheese should last for another couple days.

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