Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Okies and Women who Kick Butt

The new fall TV season is starting, and I'm picking through the new arrivals for the final five. Since I don't have the time to vegetate with the remote for hours and hours, I have to winnow down the candidates to a worthy few.

Oh, let us take a minute to remember Buffy. For seven years of Tuesdays, I turned the phone off between 8 and 9, so that I could watch Sarah Michelle Gellar kick vampire ass while wearing heels.

I'm loving HBO's Carnivale (and so is Lileks). This is perhaps the first TV show to take place in Oklahoma during the Dust Bowl. Migrant Okies are the backdrop for the show, reinforcing my feelings of economic dread. The plot is slowing unraveling with more questions than answers. If you have a low threshold for so-so acting, this show is so beautiful, that it would be quite fine with the sound off.

When I get back from my Monday class at 9:30, I'm way too caffeinated to sleep, so I watch TV until midnight. Last night, I watched CSI-Miami, which has the coolest post -35 women on TV. These CSI chicks march around in tank tops, jeans, and big ass boots. Mature women who could beat the crap out of any punk. My role models.

One show that has really gone down hill is Survivor. In the first few seasons, they did a good job of recruiting cool older women. One even won. Sure, they had a token silicone sister, but the rest of the castaways were real. All but two of this season's women are plastic boob chicks. They have a thirty old Latina, who reminds me of every women in our neighborhood. And their token older woman is a depressed frumpy scout leader, who is sure to get voted out next week by the juggies. Booooo.

So, now you can see my taste in TV shows -- no space ships or joke spouting everymen. Give me an Okie or a chick who kicks butt and I'm happy.

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