Monday, September 15, 2003

Lunchtime Reading

Read this article about a preacher in upstate New York, who lives in a 4 million dollar home tax free. He calls himself the Bishop. He milks his congregation in the name of the lord and preaches the beauty of materialism. And there is some connection to Al Sharpton. Here's a sample:

The air outside the Zoe Ministries retreat in Sullivan County was hot and thick, a steam bath. About 100 people of all ages, dressed in their Sunday best, sat on wooden folding chairs on the grass under a large tent with yellow, white and baby-blue stripes.

Dawn Witherspoon, a Zoe singer with black-framed glasses and blond hair in corn rows and a ponytail, stood before the crowd on a plywood rostrum, microphone in hand. Next to her was Bishop Jordan, big and serene, wearing a black, hooded robe with a large crucifix around his neck.

Witherspoon was explaining the good fortune that befell her and her husband when she pledged $10,000 to the church – after having already pledged $25,000. Her phone "exploded" with singing gig offers, she said. Then, she and her husband got the condominium they wanted, even though they no longer had money for a downpayment.

Oh, and this piece of ace reporting was done by my smart and handsome brother.

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