Thursday, September 18, 2003

Lunchtime Reading

I have two good articles that should be read, although I have no time to comment. My alloted morning blog time is used up.

Stanley Fish writes about the factors that that have led to the high cost of college tuition and how gov't cuts will affect university services.

Even if states impose salary and hiring freezes, they would be more than offset by increases no state government can control: raises mandated by union contracts, skyrocketing utility and insurance rates, the cost of replacing worn-out equipment, the cost of replacing equipment declared obsolete after three years, the cost of buying equipment that didn't exist 18 months ago, the cost of maintaining a crumbling physical plant, the cost of security measures deemed necessary after 9/11.

Also this is what Columbia is doing to provide an education for faculty kids. Student teacher ratios of 5 to 1. $100,000 salaries for the teachers. I'll have to restrain myself right now from commenting. Maybe tonight.

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