Tuesday, September 16, 2003

If it Tuesday, It Must be Reader Mail Day

Since there is absolutely no way that I can manage comments on my blog, I decided last week to post the occasional e-mail. And I randomly chose Tuesday as Reader Day. OK, everyone up to speed?

Scott writes in response to my remarks about Maria from Sesame Street (B is for BOTOX 9/1/03):

Hiya. I just found your blog via Invisible Adjunct, and thought you
might like to know that you got me wondering about Maria. Here's some
info: http://www.tvtome.com/tvtome/servlet/PersonDetail/personid-135163
She's been on the show since 1973 and was in the original cast of
Godspell, apparently.

Thanks Scott for the info. And thanks for reading.

In response to my cluelessness about where to live, Erika sent some good advice:

I have a recommendation for you in your search for cheap bohemian housing with access to decent schools: Albany, NY.

I lived in the Albany area for 3 years and was always surprised that a town that had such a dismal reputation was so fun and cheap. It's also filled with young families fleeing New York City for quieter and cheaper places to raise families that don't run
you out of town if you don't have a gun rack on your pick-up. There's tons of culture in the area - Albany, Saratoga Springs, the Berkshires have plenty of cultural entertainments and the nearby Adirondacks are beautiful and uncrowded.

Just an idea. Keep up the blogging - it's a great read!

Thanks, Erica. We're pretty anchored to NYC right now. My husband has a decent job that pays off the student loans. But if conditions worsen around here, I am all for drinking cheap beer and chowing down on wings. (I'm a SUNY-Binghamton graduate.)

I'm done. Running a fever. Need tissues and tea.

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