Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Deep Thoughts

Too sick to write much today. Instead, I am going to post a few questions about blogging that have been clogging up my brain. I'll add to this list throughout the day.

1. Why do bloggers love to write obituaries? (i.e. Poor old John Ritter. So sad to see you go. Three's Company sucked, but you were really good as the robot on Buffy.)

2. Why does Blogrolling fuck up my sidebar?

3. What percentage of bloggers and blog readers would consider themselves liberal/conservative? Are more conservatives blogging? Why?

4. Has any blog become a means of organizing political action?

5. There are 3 million blogs. Do blog writers outnumber blog readers?

6. Are more men blogging than women? (Clearly that answer is yes.) Why?

7. Why has my husband been glued to the Weather Channel's coverage of Hurricane Isabel? I'll tell you. "Because I like to watch it go around."

Talk amongst yourselves.

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