Thursday, September 25, 2003

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I think I've got the computer problem worked out. We have two computers here -- one's an old reliable Mac that doesn't agree with Blogger and the other is a cranky Compaq that wouldn't let me load AOL this morning. And two crappy computers doth not equal one good one.

Anyhow after quickly posting some random thoughts this morning, I ran off to pick up Jonah from pre-school. I waited in the hallway for the kids with one of the mothers, Jessica. Jessica runs the local mommy and me support group, and is one of smart mothers I had in mind when I wrote this morning's post. She is a social worker who is taking off time to watch her two funny girls.

She told me that she is facilitating a new group and that she was thrilled to finally earn some money. Her first paycheck in three years. It was a real boost to her self-esteem. Since I'm on a tear about the role of mothers in society, I pumped her for more information as we walked back home with the kids. Another woman, Sarah, joined the conversation.

Both women said that they get into fights with their spouses over who works the hardest. I remember resenting my husband because he gets an hour of reading time on the subway.

Jessica said that a lack of self esteem and loneliness is a huge problem with the women in her group. She thought that the woman's movement really did a job on women with kids. When the semester is over, I might observe her group and write up something on this topic.

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