Tuesday, September 09, 2003

And the Letter of the Day is...

B. B is for... BOTOX. I'm really freaked out by the aged cast members of Sesame Street. Maria and Luis were around when we were kids. And Maria has had some serious work done on her face. The number of the day is .... 70.

Tuesday is officially reader mail day.

From Kathe in Neshanic, NJ:
.. anyway, why do you have to live up there in expensive land??? there are other places on direct train routes into manhattan that don't cost as much ??

Good question Kathe. The reason why I am narrowing my search to nearby counties is that I want to see Steve at 7:00 at the latest. I need his help putting the kids to sleep. And when hubby starts coming home too late, the plumber starts looking cuter. I know a lot of people in the area put up with a long commute. Steve's boss spends 4 hours on a train each day. Sure he has a nice house in PA, but he never sees it. That's not for me.

Everything within a forty minutes commute and with decent schools is nasty expensive. I know this dilemna is driving a lot of people out of the area all together. They're off to distant and more affordable corners of the country. Upstate New York, Utah, NC, and Colorado must be seeing a lot black clothed New Yorkers at their local WalMart.

This outward migration is perhaps healthy. One of my obsession, along with the plight of the middle class, is the emptying out of the middle part of the country. Maybe it's a good thing that people are being driven back. It can justify giving states like North Dakota two senators.

From Chris in Nyack, NY:
Jonah will not be getting his butt kicked every morning if Uncle Chris teaches him how to box.

Thanks Chris. And D is for DETENTION.

From Melissa in San Francisco:
.... we are having similar issues. Here, housing is expensive and the schools suck. Oh, and no jobs. But, unlike NY, there is no snow, and it rarely gets below 50. Would mentioning that we started a vineyard in our backyard make you guys move here faster???

If Jonah is going to get his butt kicked, it might as well be in a place with nice weather and vineyards... Hmm. Worth thinking about.

Thanks guys.

I finally had a chance to finish the North Korea article in the New Yorker and I'm horrified. The article justifies Bush's placing North Korea in the Axis of Evil, although earilier the writers in the Talk of the Town were laughing at Bush for including it. Whatever.

The article discusses the starvation of 1/10 of N. Korea's population. It includes a story from a grandmother whose grandchildren were killed. The kids had gone into a noodle shop to beg. The owner gave them some food, and the kids fell asleep on the floor. The owner then killed them with an ax and put their meat into the noodles.

Now that I have children, I go insane when I hear those stories. Before kids, that story would sadden me. Now, it makes me want to strap up the big guns like Sigourney Weaver and blow away some commies. I had a similar reaction after reading the New Yorker article on the Kurds. I think that magazine is turning me into a hawk.

Also good in the article was an explanation for S. Korea's appeasement and the isolationist history of this country.

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