Wednesday, September 03, 2003

12 Step Program

Once you have kids, you gain several new professions -- nutritionist, barber, television censor. One job I particularly hate is my new role as addiction specialist and all around bad behavior corrector. I'm constantly tried to steer the kids away from bad habits and acts that generally raise eyebrows from strangers.

Large Baby's Bad Habits:
1. Wants to vacate cold hard crib for the warm spot in the big bed between mommy and daddy.
2. Loves to chug back a 8 oz of milk in a bottle. (My child most likely to attend a kegger 15 years from now.)
3. Wiggles junkie.

Active Boy's Bad Habits:
1. Making a compound word out of a slang word for excrement and the word "head," ie. Pooperhead. Boy Genius finds this endless funny. I am certainly going to get a call about this from his prim nursery school teacher.
2. Train smashing.
3. Nose picking.

The goal is to somehow expand our dining options beyond the fun room at McDonald's.

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