Thursday, August 14, 2003

Which Exit?

Yesterday, I whisked the kids off to New Jersey to get some quality backyard time at Grandma and Pop-Pop's. I know I'm pretty lucky have my parents nearby to get some relief from the boredom of watching kids. Most of my friends aren't that lucky. I wish my mom could come here to help, but she's afraid to drive over the George Washington Bridge and lacks the muscles to carry Large Baby up and down the stairs.

As we pulled off the Palisades Parkway on to Route 9W, we passed an expensive restaurant where Jonah spotted something cool.
Jonah: Oooh, mommy look at that.
Moi: That's called a stretch limo, honey.
Jonah: I LIKE it. That's for when you have lots and lots of children.
Moi: And money
Jonah: And babies.

The inner commie in me liked that. He saw a big car and thought its purpose was naturally to carry around large numbers of people. He couldn't understand that only two people might be in such a large car just for the purpose of showing off how much money they have. At four years old, he can't grasp conspicuous consumption. Maybe at five.

And, according to NY1, it's going to be sunny, sunny, sunny today, so I running to my sister's today. Swim club and sun screen. I'll write more tonight.

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