Sunday, August 03, 2003

Weekend Blogging

I've decided not to post messages over the weekend. There is too much competition for the good computer. Also, I think it's best to be out of the house on the weekends doing exciting things -- museum, dinner party, hikes. Theoretically. Actually, weekends are the time to catch up on laundry and paperwork. Regardless, I still can't post messages. But I can surf around here and there. Here's what I found:

Colby Cosh is a semi-employed journalist in Canada. His blog is a mixture of sports, politics, and personal. You should read him, because he writes like a charm. Here's a sample:

Working in a coal mine -- Nature gave me a personality very much like Douglas Adams' ("I love the sound [deadlines] make as they go whooshing by") but sometimes (like when the whooshing gets real loud) even I have to get all professional and responsible-like. Don't expect too much action around here for the next twelve hours... I'm leaving for the annual Cosh reunion in scenic Tangleflags, Saskatchewan, tomorrow, but I'll certainly update at least once before I disappear into the bush. - 12:06 pm, August 1 (link)

I also found this sassy site: Ain't Too Proud To Blog: The Source of the painful, burning feminine-bitch. Lots of cool bells and whistles. Come here if you want to see some great pictures of Gwen Staffani and here the latest about the Today Show's choice of bridemaid's outfits. This is apparently one of the most popular blogs out there.

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