Wednesday, August 06, 2003

The Summer of Gay

More on gay shows. Susan, after a tough day at work, stopped by with a bottle of wine and Harry Potter. Wahoo.

We drank the wine and watched the new gay channel, Bravo, for a couple of hours. They had on a gay reality dating show; one guys sifts through 15 or so hopefuls over several days while a camera crew records every moment. The twist is that some of the guys are not really gay, but nobody else knows that. So, really the point of the show is not to watch who is going to be chosen. The point is to see how good your gaydar is. Susan and I watched for two hours trying to guess which contestants were really straight. "Oh, he's moisterizing his elbows. You know he's gay." "Look at him dance. Straight!"

Yes, we're lame, but it sure beats watching Fear Factor.

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