Tuesday, August 05, 2003

The Skinny Bra

On the latest episode of Sex and the City, Miranda celebrates fitting into her skinny jeans. She has slimmed down because as a single mom she has no time to eat.

That's where I was a couple of months ago. Too busy to eat, so I finally fit into my favorite GAP capris that have sat in the closet for two years. Oh, happy day!

The problem is that I keep loosing weight. Chasing Ian around all day is like running 5 miles a day. I'm buff. I'm thin. Maybe too thin.

A couple of weeks ago in the playground, one of the Jamaican nannies who has never said a word to me, approached me with a strange question. "Did you breast feed your children?" I had no clue where she was going with this. I paused and said "Yeaaah?" She responded, "Well, I only ask because your breasts are so small. How could they feed your children." Thank you. Thank you very much. I had to explain that there were huge several months ago.

I guess I'm so thin now that I'm beyond the skinny jeans. I'm in the skinny bra. Far less cool. Probably won't make it onto Sex and the City.

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