Thursday, August 07, 2003

Skimming the Times

I don't know why I read movie reviews. I rarely have the chance to see them anymore. I also still subscribe to Time Out New York, the local guide to music, movies, and cool stuff, all of which I no longer have access to. I guess I read these reviews because I don't want to be too out of it. This is a temporary period of being cloistered in Apt. 11D. Soon, I'll be out again. Maybe.

Anyway, surprisingly the Times loved Freaky Friday, the Disney teenage movie. Here's the final paragraph:
Since her character wears no historical costumes and suffers from no debilitating ailment, it is likely that Ms. Curtis will be overlooked when Oscar season rolls around. This is a shame, since it is unlikely that any other actress this year will match the loose, energetic wit she brings to this delightful movie.

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