Friday, August 15, 2003

Power On

I'm back in the city with the kids and the lights are on. Steve didn't go to work today, because the subways are still down. There were a couple of hard-core workers at the office, but Steve didn't feel that he was needed.

I came rushing back here from NJ at around 9:00. I hadn't heard from Steve and was irrationally worried. Where was he? Why was he not answering the phone? Had he gone to work?

It took about 9 months for the constant stress of 9/11 to fade. After a year, we threw out the cans of beans and bottles of water from the trunk of the car. We laughed at Steve's batteries and radio under the car seat. We even used the batteries in the flashlight to power a toy. I thought we were over it. But then this happened, and I realize that the terror is still there.

Turns out that Steve had just slept in. He had trouble sleeping last night. In addition to the heat/humidity, "Da Boyz" were out in full force outside of our building. Emboldened by the lack of police, all the guys from the hood partied all night in front of our building. They had a barbeque going on the sidewalk complete with fireworks and drugs. Steve said he couldn't get to sleep until about 4:00.

I had been feeling like a traitor for leaving the city last night, but after hearing that, I'm glad I left. The kids wouldn't have slept, and everyone would be whining and crying.

Shortly after we got back here, Susan and Chris came by to exchange stories about the trip home. It took them longer than Steve who is in good shaping from carrying kids around. They said it took them almost 4 hours to get home.

Margie called. She still hadn't heard from Stu. She knew he would have been unable to get home to Long Island, but she had no idea where he was. Cell phones have been shaky. I'm sure he's okay. Stu is very resourceful.

Feeling a little jealous, I heard stories from the others about lines for pizza and ice-cream, the chaos in Harlem, and the guy who bought a bike to ride to Westchester.

We talked about how a thunderbolt knocked out the whole Eastern seaboard, and that certainly terrorists were watching eagerly.

I think I'm done with the blog for the day. I have to toss out rotting food, reset the clocks, and make a list of things we need for a big pasta dinner tonight.

I hope you're out of the dark.

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