Tuesday, August 26, 2003

My Two Lives

I'm overwhelmed. The responsibilities of two kids and part-time academic life has knocked the wind out of me.

The kids need fall shoes and overalls from Old Navy. Both need doctor and dentist appointments. There is paperwork for pre-school and a parent's meeting to attend. Not to mention to usual drill of feeding them, wiping noses, reading stories, and running to the playground. Dishes have to be washed by hand and the shower curtain dipped in acid to remove the orange mold.

I have to get my syllabus on line, make copies of the readings for the reserve desk, and tinker with the reading list.

The Political Science conference is in two days. My suit needs to be dry cleaned. I have to buy tickets for the Metroliner to Philadelphia. I need to put together some book proposals to shop around. I'm almost glad that there are no jobs to apply for, because interviews might send me over the edge.

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