Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Let's Move to India

I wasted some valuable babysitting time searching around for a link in Time Out New York. In it, Ice-T tells us why he is peddling his new high energy drink. Let's just say he thinks it will provide men with more power in the sack. I couldn't find it on line. New Yorkers should skim it at the local B &N. It is worth a chuckle.

Instead, my link of the day has to be more of a downer. In Sunday's Times Magazine, Walter Kirn writes about all the high tech jobs that are now going to India. My father-in-law who is an auditor for a bank is terrified that some guy in Bombay is going to take his job away next week. Kirn has similar worries. If Indians take all our middle income jobs, who is going to buy all those cheapo toys that China makes for us?

My solution. Let's move to India. That's where the jobs are. India, the next land of milk and honey. Soon the dream of every smart little kid in Scarsdale will be to scrape together enough money to open a newstand in Bombay. Sure, there are the occasional monsoons, but hell, it's work.

FYI, here comes the grid stories that I've been expecting. See Blame Ohio.

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