Friday, August 08, 2003

IM Chris

LauraM1111: been reading my blog?
cmck930: Missed it for a few days. Any bombshells?
LauraM1111: nah. just a lot of ben and jen links.
cmck930: Bennifer. Have you seen Gigli yet?
LauraM1111: exactly. You've been reading, too.
I can't wait to rent it.
cmck930: It pains me to read the nasty things that those jealous critics are saying.
LauraM1111: clearly they just wish that they were with Jenny from the block. get over it, guys. She's with ben.
cmck930: You guys house shopping this weekend?
LauraM1111: Perhaps. Too rainy to camp. Drove around Fair Lawn a couple of days ago. It looked good.
cmck930: Yeah? Did you check out that neighborhood Carla recommended?
LauraM1111: I'm not sure if I was in the right neighborhood, but I drove down a block called Radburn. Cute smallish houses. Sidewalks. People walking about. Good signs.

Hey, Ian needs a pit stop. Talk later about Sunday.

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