Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Evening Reading

I have a raging headache. Could be from the bottle of wine that we drank last night. But I just wanted to put up some links from the lastest New Yorker. It's a good one; a two week edition devoted to family.

David Sedaris is rapidly becoming my favorite writer for the magazine. He has a funny story about himself, his mom, and sad 9 year old girl.

Also in Talk of the Town, James Surowiecki discusses the new book "The Two Income Trap" which explains that having a child is the best predictor of financial ruin. Kids are expensive, the authors write. (Duh!) It's not the play stations or scooters that drive people to poorhouse. It's mostly because people have to fork over a ton of money to live in towns with good schools. (Oh, yeah?)

OK, I'm kicked off the computer, which is just fine. I need a gallon of water and some quality time with the remote control.

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