Thursday, August 07, 2003

A Blog Day

The word "blog" sort of describes my mood and the weather -- slow, thick, and dull. It hasn't stopped raining or threatening to rain in a week. And the humidity makes it hard to breathe.

The kids and I were at the playground today, but hurried home after a few rain drops hit us. Turned out to be nothing, but we were up all those stairs, so we couldn't go back out again. I let the kids watch TV for a while, too bored to think up interesting games for them.

Even the news is boring me. They're making a lot about Arnold running for governor of CA, but I don't think it is really drumming up the interest that everyone expected. Other than a lot of dumb Termanitor quotes, he hasn't said anything to wake me out of this stupor.

I'm going to turn the AC on in the bedroom and curl up with Harry Potter.

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