Friday, August 22, 2003


Today the city is not my friend. Two days of 90 degree heat and humidity. When we woke up this morning, the air already had the quality of bus fumes so we ran away again to my parents refuge in NJ. Two days of the kids sleeping like crap. Ian with his hacking cough and Jonah with his nightmares visited us many times in our Seely Queen size mattress in recent nights. Sticky and sleepy, I counted the hours until Steve came home.

Our apartment has three rooms that face the street and the morning sun. We're lucky enough to have our own room, a room for the kids, and a room for work and kiddie art projects. Lots of families of four occupy one room, so we shouldn't complain. While that space has kept us sane, it's too large to air condition properly. Also, the 100 year old wiring in this place can't handle it. We have an AC in our bedroom and in the study, but they can't be on the same time or the fuse will blow.

We are too afraid to put a unit in the kids' room. We have an ill-fortuned friend whose air conditioner fell several floors below onto old lady who sued his parents royally. Actually I'm surprised that it doesn't happen more often. The city has thousands of bulky units perched precariously on jerry-rigged supports. Anyway, we're sure that a unit in the boys' room is just asking for trouble.

To hopefully get a good night's sleep, we've moved the kids' mattresses to our bedroom floor. They're there now in the cool room, while Steve and I roast.

Maybe tomorrow will better, and I will mend relations with my city.

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