Thursday, August 14, 2003

6:16 An hour ago Steve told me that he would call from a pay phone at this time. No call. Mom has the radio going in the kitchen and we're distracting the kids with a video. My cousin is stuck in traffic in CT, and her husband is going to try to drive out of Manhattan.

2 hours ago, I drove over the GW bridge which is very close to our apartment. We passed 7 broken traffic lights. After finding a parking place, I got Jonah out of the car and called 911. No answer. Started to panic. Couldn't get through to Steve. Really panicking. Finally able to connect to Susan who told me what to happen. Steve got through on someone else's cellphone and said get out of the city. NOW. I could hear the panic in his voice, too. Yes, I said. Jonah was dumped back into the car seat. Ian slept on. And we came back to my parents.

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