Thursday, July 24, 2003

Thursday through Saturday

I'm not going to be able to write much for the next few days. My dreaded high school reunion is coming up on Saturday and there's lots to do. My friend, Robin, needs to be picked up at the airport. Cynthia is also in from Seattle wants to get our kids together. I need a haircut and my eyebrows groomed. I wanted to get contacts instead of my brainy glasses, but there was no time. I going to be running back and forth from NJ to NYC for days.

And then I need to attack the laundry and clean up. Robin keeps a tidy home, and I don't want her shocked by bathroom, aka The Black Hole of Calcutta.

I'm a little worried about Robin's reaction to the city and our apartment. She lives in a nice home in Seattle with matching furniture, an SUV, and straight walls.

People either love NYC or hate it. It is so much fun to show people about who are awed by the beauty of Central Park and the magesty of the Chrystler Building. Others don't see it. Their shock and horror is obvious, and it is just depressing to show those types about. Some don't even pretend to like it. "How can you live here?" "I could never live here!" "How do you do your shopping?" "What is going on there? Are those two guys kissing? I am going to vomit."

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