Thursday, July 24, 2003

Thursday in the Park with Boys

After Ian woke up from his morning nap at around 11:00, the kids and I hit the park. It was an ickie hot day requiring a black tank top and a pony tail. I felt very G.I. Jane.

The kids and I ate peanut butter sandwiches and pringles and roamed around Fort Tryon Park. We loudly sang songs together. I love coffee. I love tea. I love the java and the java loves me. Having kids makes being eccentric okay. Holds back the guys dressed in white with the butterfly nets.

The kids shreaked and tumbled through the long grass in the area of the park that the Russians hang out in. Steve calls it Red Square. A car of strangers stopped to watch my blond boys play. Proud mama.

On the way home, we walked through the sprinklers in the playground. It was almost cool with the breeze off the Hudson River.

Today, life is good.

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