Monday, July 14, 2003

The Roof Party

I have a few minutes to write as Jonah and Angela, the baby-sitter, make tracks in the living room and baby sleeps.

Yesterday, we went to a great kid's party. No Barney. No hippie with the guitar. It was just fine.

Beer and wine for the grown ups and excellent food. Bob had the party for Zoe in his friend's penthouse apartment which overlooks the Hudson. You can see from Alpine to Hoboken in New Jersey. And the Palisades looked like a painting. It is hard not to feel FABULOUS when having drinks in this setting. This is Reason #2 for Why I Love NYC -- Roof Parties.

Bob put on a great spread as always. Homemade crab cakes. Pork that had been cooking all day with a dry rub. Grilled veggies. Guacamole.

The topics of conversation -- camping with kids, Eliza/Andrew's upcoming trip to Seattle, Laura's operation, biking on 9W in New Jersey, biking accidents, swim clubs in New Jersey, housing prices, and how blue my baby's eyes are.

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