Monday, July 21, 2003

More on Camping in the Catskills

Being nerds, any new activity requires new books and maps:

Best Hikes With Children in the Catskills & Hudson River Valley

Camping and Backpacking With Children

These books were a little hardcore hippie, but still useful. Lots of pictures of hairy people. They advise packing a hacky sack. We took the advice of p.206 of the Best Hikes book and went on their hike of Long Pond.

And new stuff:
This is the most amazing camping store in the universe. Steve got a SERIOUS pair of hiking boots there over the summer. Be prepared for petchulli, dreadlocks on white people, and more hacky sacks. Still its the hugest place for gear. 101 sleeping bags and tents and lots of cool things that fold up.

And research:
Livingston Manor
Campgrounds in Sullivan County

The camp site that we visited:
Willowemoc Campgrounds
Bob Reising, Owner
30 Willowemoc Road
Livingston Manor
New York 12758

After paying the $15 fee, Vern, the toothless assistant, took us on his golf cart to check out the site. I did like that his name was Vern, so I often threw it into sentences. "Thanks for the lift, Vern." "Yeah, this site is excellent, Vern. We'll take it." "Where are the bathrooms, Vern?"

He took us to a cozy little spot by the brook, past the trailer with the rock garden devoted to Betty Boop. In the trailer next to ours was Gary, the gregarious truck driver, and his wife, Carol. They told us that they got their spot for $10,000 in 2002 and since then he has put in a porch and done all sorts of improvements. He didn't seem to like the young metal heads across the stream who kept everyone up late the night before.

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