Thursday, July 24, 2003

Fun with Poo

After dinner tonight, Jonah announced that he spelled something bad coming from Ian's behind. Sure enough, he needed a pit stop. After changing the baby, I gave him two minutes of naked time while I ran the bath. No need to put on a new diaper that is just going to come off again, right?

When I returned to the kids' room 2 minutes later, I found a surprise. Yes, he was not quite done with his activity, which was now all over the room.

It didn't take a CSI investigator to see what had happened. There was small pile of poo in the center of the rug. He must have stepped in it, because there were clearly foot steps around the Lego box. After that he jumped onto Jonah's bed and rolled around. Evidence was found on the top sheet, the bottom sheet, Jonah's PJs, and the pillow case. No need for DNA samples. But a overhead diagram would be very cool.

There is one last cold beer in the fridge right now, and it's mine, because I'm going to scrubbing sheets this evening. Wahoo!! Put that PhD to work, baby.

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