Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Dog Shit

According to today's Times, the city is home to 1.5 million dogs and 1.8 million cats. Raising a cat in the city really sucks. Jefferson our cat is continually puking and spreading kitty litter all over the house. But today I'm not going to pick on old Jefferson. I am most annoyed at all the dog people in the city. 1.5 million. Almost 1 in 4 has a dog in the city. There should be a law. If we can't smoke in bars, then dogs shouldn't be allowed to crap all over the street. I don't care if people pick it up, which they often don't, there is still residue. And my kids are constantly sitting on the sidewalk, picking up sticks, walking through the area around the trees that seems to be considered a toilet for all dogs in the city.

One of my kid's first words was doggiepoop (that's one word). Now that shouldn't be happening. But on the walk to the playground, I would be constantly warning him, "Watch out for the doggiepoop. Don't step in the doggiepoop. Don't poke the doggiepoop with a stick." So naturally, my poor kid is obsessed with it now.

Because I'm so freaked out that our shoes have been walking through poop, poop residue, or pee, I make everyone take their shoes off when they come into our house. Now other New Yorkers are used to that. Almost all my other friends do the same thing. When someone comes over and they see the pile of shoes by the door, they pop theirs off. Except the out of towners miss that important cue. Last time my brother came over, I fixated on his shoes as he tracked poop residue from the front door to my kid's rug which they practically live on.

There are definitely two camps in the city. The doggie people and the kid people. And I'm toasting weenies with the kid people.

Dog shit is - Reason #1 for Why I Hate New York

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