Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Commentary on the Times

A quick skim of the paper on-line. First chance to check headlines all day.

According to Where Rebellion is a Pose, tattoos are big amongst those crazy young people at the Lollapalooza concert. Boy, the Times is really the paper of the geriatric. A good number of the women on the playground around here have butterflies on their ankles and barbed wire around their arms. I'm weird because my arms are just freckled.

Defing Labels Right or Left... discusses the politics of Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean. This article is the number one most e-mailed articles of the day at the Times. I also got an e-mail from a friend who thought he was a cutie (he is). Worth keeping an eye on this guy.

I'm getting kicked off the computer, so I'm guess I'm done for the night. Bush Looking for Ways to Block Gay Marriages is a must read. This fight is going to be great.

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