Monday, July 14, 2003


Have exactly 10 minutes before my babysitting time expires and I have to run to Javits Playground to relieve Angela...

Last night I read the Times magazine article, "Why Famine Persists." The article itself was good, but the cover pictures were better. 1000 words.

As I was reading the article and skipping through the magazine to get to the rest of the story, I was continually disturbed by the horror and sadness in the article and the rest of the magazine's celebration of materialism. On one side of the page was a desciption of a woman who already lost three of her children, one of whom fell into a fire and died on her back on the way to the hospital. On the other side of the page was an real estate ad for a $1.79 million house that boasted 4,000 square feet of deck space. One page talked about children eating sawdust and two pages away were pictures of bullimic fashion models wearing an $18,000 coat. That coat could feed a village for five years. It brings out the inner commie.

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