Friday, February 27, 2004

Out Bid, Again

Yesterday, I picked up Steve at the corner of 48th Street and 8th Avenue, near Times Square. He immediately fell asleep with exhaustion. Then I drove to NJ to look at a house because the real estate agent said we had to get out there THAT MINUTE. I passed peanut butter sandwiches to the boys. Ian took his apart and licked out the sticky innards.

A few hours later we put a bid on a pitiful, little home covered with posters of Elvis. And headed back to the city with kids now passed out in the back seat. At 7:00, there are no longer any parking spots in front of the building. So, we left the car in a bus zone, and each carried a dead-weight child up to the apartment. Steve raced down to prevent traffic ticket #2 for the day.

By 9:00, we found out that the owner accepted a cash offer with no home inspections, because the guy planned to knock it down and put up a new house.

That's our sad little adventure with house hunting. We're looking forward to a weekend off from life.

Read This

Rhubarb has a thoughtful post about childcare. She wishes that there were more cooperative childcare arrangements. I do, too.

I'm following the discussion about Samuel Huntington and the impact of the Latin American immigration on American political culture. Dan and Russell have good posts on this.

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